Saturday, September 29, 2012

Doing it wrong

A quick explanation about a picture that I took and is now on the Boston Magazine website (about how not to use Hubway). Basically, I was walking to Boloco (probably) after a trip on Hubway and saw a shared bike propped outside a tobacconist (yeah, there's a tobacconist, although he did not sell scratched records). It looked kind of silly left all alone, although right behind me, the photographer, there was a guy—the friend of the Hubwayer in question—standing with his bike and watching over. And about 12 seconds after I snapped this picture, the rider came out and grabbed the bike. So it was never in any real danger.

Of course … there is a Hubway station on the same block.


  1. I saw a Hubway locked with a bike lock to a sign the other day, near BU.

    Doing it wrong, indeed.

  2. I saw one on a run locked similarly. Didn't have my camera, sadly. It's best when it is literally across the street from a dock.