Saturday, January 11, 2014

Failures in stock photography

In relation to the 10-year transportation capital investment plan the state of Massachusetts just announced (more on that soon) I was poking around the New Hampshire plan to extend transit to Concord, potentially piggybacking on better infrastructure in Massachusetts.

As I was scrolling through, however, I found a set of images which might inadvertently show why Massachusetts really needs to improve its infrastructure. At the bottom of the seventh page of this document, there are three images of commuter rail in North America. Here they are:

Let's go right-to-left. On the right, we see the Long Island Railroad, gliding through the snow in New York. On the rails. In the center, there's Tri-Rail, complete with commuters walking towards their destinations. The train is, of course, on the track. And on the left, there's the MBTA's service, uh, derailed outside South Station! The image, which appears to be from this story from the Boston Herald, shows a minor derailment outside of South Station in 2008. Setting aside copyright issues (perhaps they bought the photo from a stock site), it certainly seems like there are plenty of images out there that, you know, don't show the T running off the tracks.

Well, maybe the Keolis contract will result in fewer derailments.

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