Monday, May 18, 2009

Where is this blog headed?

I originally started this blog when the list of interesting articles I had about planning on which I wanted to comment started getting really long. There are three types of entries I envision:

1. Personal anecdotes
2. Comments on other posts (often cross-posted as comments)
3. Longer pieces, sometimes in several parts, on major issues or ideas

As such, here's a preview of upcoming posts, in no particular order:

• Ayd Mill Road and nascent movements to remove freeways on the whole
• Trams/streetcars/light rail on grassy medians
• School construction and access
• Job sprawl and decentralization
• Mapping time instead of distance
• A transportation pyramid
• Uses of alleys in the American Midwest
• The growth of urban Portland
• Ideas on going car-free, or at least reducing car dependency, in the United States landscape

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