Friday, April 16, 2010


There have been enough spammy comments that I am turning on word verification. And new posts are coming!

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  1. Whoa. You have the best posts. I just found your site and will have to spend an evening reading your site. Was especially thrilled to find out you are in Minneapolis. (I found you through doing some HSR based searches.)

    I spent a flight from DC-Chi-Minneapolis with the United map trying to "play a game" and devise a national HSR network -- using the United network map in their magazine -- based on my memories of Obama's vision map, electoral politics, assumed population, assumed unemployment stats, and assumed existing infrastructure, terrain issues. I added what I thought I had remembered where Acela went and what has been announced.

    It passed the time. But, what I came up with wasn't far off from what I have found digging around this evening.

    Would be interested to read a followup post on HSR. (In fact, maybe you've written it, but I haven't seen it yet.)