Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hubway Data Challenge (and updated personal charts)

Back in September, I grabbed my Hubway use, cajoled it in to some charts, and posted them here for the world to see. Remember how cool those charts were, with 130ish data points?
This is what happens when you get more than 130 data points!

Well, in October, Hubway released the data from all rides taken on the system, which added another (approximately) 550 thousand data points, so I decided to rerun these data added together, for a grand total of about 550,130 data points.

(Totally off subject, but this reminds me of the old joke about significant digits the docent at the Museum of Natural History. A student asks how old the dinosaur skeleton is. And he replies "it is 68,000,038 years old." The student asks how they know such an exact number and he says "when I started working here, they told me it was 68 million years old. And that was 38 years ago!")

Ha ha ha. Anyway, I spent the next month dealing with this slightly larger data set, charting and mapping the data, cursing Excel (especially the Mac OS version which is so poorly designed that it will only run one one core of my four-core processor at a time, in other words, I would like my money back, Mr. Gates) and churned out an entry in the Hubway Data Challenge contest. The winner gets a free helmet, Hubway membership and t-shirt, which is slightly better than a sharp poke in the eye! You can find my entry at the above link, or go directly to it here. It has CSS! And some moderately interactive features!

Then I went and looked through all the other entries. From people who know how to make websites that work, and from people who know how to write code to do cool things. And then, I won anyway! Well, I was one of several winners. But still.

Anyway, here is my latest Hubway usage report, you can clicky to make it bigger. OH AND! If you want this treatment for your Hubway trips (and the map, too; the map is pretty cool) let me know and I will make it for you. Payment in beer is readily accepted.

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